Executive Managers

The Grand Bahama Health Services is managed by the Executive Management Committee (EMC) with the Hospital Administrator as Chairman, along with three additional members, the Medical Chief of Staff and Principal Nursing Officer as technical managers and the Financial Controller who addresses financial matters. To effectively chart the way forward for health care for Grand Bahama Island and the surrounding cays, a Strategic Planning Committee meets, comprising of the Executive Management Committee (EMC), Medical Consultants, Senior Physician and Nurse (from each Health District), Dentist, School Health Physician, Social Services, and Environmental Health.

Ms. Sharon Williams

Grand Bahama Health Services
Plans, directs, co-ordinates and manages the efficient and effective delivery of health/medical and administrative support services at GBHS within the prevailing legal and statutory framework

Dr. Paul Ward

Medical Chief of Staff
Consultant, Obstetrics/Gynaecology
Grand Bahama Health Services
Responsible for the effective organization and implementation of the medical services in the hospital and the Community Health Clinics

Ms. Cheryl Bain

Principal Nursing Officer
Grand Bahama Health Services
Principal Advisor to the Administrator on nursing matters with responsibilities for the management and quality of nursing services in the institution and the eleven (11) outlying community clinics

Mrs. Christerlina Laing-Parisod

Financial Controller
Grand Bahama Health Services
Responsible for the development and maintenance of the financial management system of GBHS

Ms. Shawn Mader

Assistant Director Human Resources
Rand Memorial Hospital

Implements human resources strategies by establishing department accountabilities, including talent acquisition, staffing, employment processing, compensation, health and welfare benefits, training and development, records management, safety and health, succession planning, employee relations and retention