Use of Community Health Clinics

07 Feb 2012
07 February

Residents are encouraged to visit the nearest Community Health Clinics, Mondays – Fridays for all minor ailments such as cough, cold, flu, cuts, blood pressure readings, abdominal pain, headaches, cuts, bruises, daily dressings, etc.

For all your primary health care needs (minor illnesses), visit the Community Health Clinic nearest you.

Hawksbill Clinic 352-7722 (Residents of Freeport/Lucaya, Pinders Point, Lewis Yard, Hunters, Mack Town, Hawksbill)

Eight Mile Rock Clinic 348-2227 (Residents of Hepburn Town, Bartlette Hill, Hanna Hill, Pinedale, Martin Town, Jones Town, Seagrape, Pine Forest)
West End Clinic
346-6463 (Residents of Holmes Rock, Deadmans Reef, Bootle Bay, West End)
High Rock, Freetown, Pelican Point, McLeans Town
Clinics (Residents of East End)

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