Health Careers

Promoting careers in health through education:

  • Health Careers Fair held annually in October
    The goal is to provide copious information to students to steer them in the right direction to chart their way into appropriate and relevant training in order to fill the existing gaps in healthcare disciplines.  For more information contact                                (242) 3...                Ext. 2349
  • Nursing Cadet Programme
    The programme was established to expose students (male and female) to the nursing profession, under the able supervision of nurses in the respective clinics and hospital.  For more information, contact               (242) 350-6700         Ext. 2051


  1. To identify interested, intellectually competent high school students, who show a positive attitude and aptitude towards nursing as a career.
  2. To provide assistance and support to students so that they are motivated to attain the specific academic qualifications for direct entry into the Associate of Science Nursing Programme.
  3. To provide young persons with the opportunity to experience the nature and function of nursing and the nursing organization.
  4. To expose students to the hospital environment and personnel within the healthcare system,          who could facilitate them in achieving their goal of becoming qualified Registered Nurses and Trained Clinical Nurses.
  5. To provide an opportunity for the assessment of students regarding their suitability for nurse training, with special reference to attitude and aptitude.
  6. To motivate students by monetary incentives to choose Nursing as a career.  For example, the Nurse Education Grant is inclusive of tuition and lab fees, and pays a stipend while attending The College of The Bahamas.
  7. To sensitize the Bahamian society at all levels regarding the importance of the nursing profession to the healthcare system and the ongoing development of the nation.
  8. To assist in the provision of a regular intake of well motivated, disciplined and well educated young men and women for recruitment into the nursing profession.

Criteria for Selection
The programme is available to Grades 10, 11 and 12 students of public and private schools as selected by the Teachers and Guidance Counsellors based on the following criteria:

  • Bahamian citizenship
  • Physically and mentally fit
  • Be of good character
  • Attained a minimum of five BJC subjects (or equivalent), including Math, English and a Science at Grade C or above
  • Possess the desirable qualities and strengths which relate directly to interacting positively with people (as determined by a team of persons including members/representatives of the Guidance and Counselling Department of the school)
  • Recommendation from the school’s Principal and Guidance Counsellor as having the educational potential to obtain the necessary BGCSE passes.
  • Meet the stated criteria, be recommended by their school, interviewed and favourably considered by the healthcare institution’s selection committee established by the Principal Nursing Officer.

Application Procedure

Application forms are available at the respective schools.  Completed applications must be forwarded to the Grand Bahama Health Services through the Guidance and Counselling Departments.

All completed application forms must be accompanied by copies of the applicant’s high school transcript, birth certificate/affidavit or first two pages of passport, and academic certificates (BJCs, BGCSEs, Pitman or RSA).

Parents and Guardians are encouraged to become actively involved as soon as their child has been officially selected, so that they could be informed of the demands of the programme and what they could do to assist their child to succeed.

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