Get started with the "Clean Start" Template

General description

The "Clean Start" solution is built on the WordFrame Integra platform and distributed as a Template. A WordFrame Integra Template includes the platform, with additionally installed applications and applied configurations. It targets specific business processes and needs. With a Template, the time for getting online is significantly reduced, as most of the needed configurations are already applied, without limiting you in changing them further. For many of the Templates, there is dedicated documentation, in order to make the training and the support much quicker and easier. You can also use the templates as a base for building your own applications and distribute them.

This template accelerated the solution building process, by providing prebuilt system pages and nodes. It is based on the Platform's Core engine without any additional applications installed. The prebuilt system pages are:

  • Registration - new account registration form
  • Login -form for user authentication with an existing account
  • Logout - if an authenticated / logged user is redirected to this page, the system will log him / her out.
  • Email verification - this page will verify a newly registered account email, if the correct token is provided.
  • Password reset - provides functionality for resetting an account's password. The email verification link will point here.
  • Search - provides form for search and presents the search results, if search indexes are available and properly set.
  • Account management - each authenticated user can change the account's details here
  • Page not found - presented for all URLs that are not existing
  • System error - presented to the user when a handled system error occurs
  • Access denied - if a user tries to access a page, that requires additional privileges, this page will be presented instead

These are the pages that are necessary for the normal operation of almost all websites, and having them prebuilt saves time, if you need to create new website "from scratch".

Software license

The "Clean Start" Template does not require additional payments, if you already have the general WordFrame platform software license for your domain. Please read the ITBrix / WordFrame Terms of use and Privacy policy for further legal information.

Post install configurations

We highly recommend to apply all post install configurations, as they are important for the normal software operation.

Please watch the screencasts and follow the steps on the dedicated tutorial page for further instructions.

"Clean start" template administration

As this template includes only the platform core with some prebuilt basic system pages it is managed by:

  • Integra Core administration shell - it manages the general environment features - users, permissions, pages, search and the user interface. This administration is located on an URL defined during the platform installation by your system architect. The access is restricted to accounts with the Architect or Builder roles assigned.

The "Clean Start" template is a long term supported Template and you can get more information about it on its dedicated project page